Soan Papdi

Patanjali Soan papdi  elachi    55 Rs.   Patanjali Soan Papdi    Orange    55 Rs.


Patanjali Basmati Rice     1 kg.     75 Rs.


Patanjali Amla Achar    1 Kg.   95 Rs.   o savor the natural taste, grab the best Patanjali Amla Pickle to tickle your taste buds. Patanjali Amla Pickle has got the goodness of pure Amla fruit that is high in the source of Vitamin C.    


Patanjali chapata Papad       50 Rs. Kali Mirch Papad Spicy Treat Chatpate Papad Rich,Tasty & Traditional Indian Temptation Net Weight: 200 g कुल भार Ingredients: Black Gram Pulse Flour, Green Gram Pulse Flour, Black Pepper, Iodized Salt, Dried Mint Leaf, Sodium Bicarbonate, Palmolein Oil, Asafoetida. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION             Per 100 g (Approx) Energy 326kcal Protein 21.6g Carbohydrate…


Patanjali Oats    35 Rs. 100% Whole grains,Helps to reduce Cholesterol,Helps to maintain weight.


Patanjali atta noodles     10 Rs. ATANJALI Atta Noodles (Chatpata)- Jhatpat Bnao, Befikr Khao. METHOD OF PREPRATION: 1.  Put 2 cups(250 ml approx) of water in a pan & bring to Boil. 2. Break the noodle cake into 4 pieces, add noodles & seasoning mix into the boiling water. 3. Cook for 3 min. in an open…


Patanjali Jeera Bites  10 Rs.

Mustard Oil

Patanjali Mustard oil       1 Ltr.     135 Rs. कच्ची घानी का सरसों तेल सरसों की झांस, सरसों का स्वाद Ingredients: Oil of Mustard Seeds. भारतीय रसोई में सरसों का तेल अनेकों व्यंजनों एवं अचारों में प्रयुक्त होता है| Kitchens all over India use Mustard Oil extensively in preparing tasty recipes & pickles….


Patanjali MixFruit Jam     500gm.    70 rs It is a healthy, tasty jam prepared of the fresh juice of apple, papaya, pineapple, grapes, mangoes, orange, lemon and banana fruits. Its daily use treats physical weakness, anemia, energy loss, liver and stomach problems. Its regular use incites hunger. Quantity and use – This tasty…

Herbal Tea

Patanjali Divya Peya     55Rs. Indications :- A natural energy enhancer and useful in cough & cold. सेवन विधि :-  1 कप पानी में लगभग 3 ग्राम दिव्य पेय डालकर पकाये पश्चात् आवश्यकतानुसार चीनी व दूध  मिलाकर छानकर  पिये| Composition : 100g contains Coarse powders of एला लघु 3g सौंठ 3g एला बड़ी 4g गिलोय 3g…