ALOEVERA JUICE WITH FIBER (L)        200 rs /- Aloevera Juice with fibre 1 litre. Enhance Jivni shakti. Also useful in constipation and skin diseases. Dosage: 15 to 25 ml twice daily with equal quantity of water. Each 10 ml contains Aloevera juice – 9.47 ml.      

Face Cream

Aloevera Gel Brand: Patanjali Ayurved Product Code: PA-88 Weight: 150 gm Availability: In Stock ₹80.00     Aloevera Gel – एलोवेरा जेल Instance Solution for pimples, wrinkles & Glowing Fair Skin पिम्पल्स, रिंकल्स मिटाए, खुबसूरत त्वचा पायें| Base Material: Vitamin E, Permitted colour & Sugandhit  dravya-Q.S. Uses: Useful in roughness and dryness of skin, removes dark spots and…

Eye Care

  Drishti Eye Drop Brand: Divya Pharmacy Product Code: DPHRM-620 Weight: 15 gm Availability: In Stock ₹25.00 Drishti Eye Drop : Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine Uses: Usful in various eye problems. Method of Uses : As directed by the physician. Composition : Each 10 ml contains श्‍वेत प्‍याज – कन्‍द रस Allium cepa 1.68ml अदरक – कन्‍द रस Zingiber Officinale 1.66ml…


Conditioner Damage Control Brand: Patanjali Ayurved Product Code: PA-312 Weight: 100 gm Availability: In Stock ₹60.00 Conditioner Damage Control : Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine Uses: Useful in dryness and roughness of hair it provides conditioning for dry and damage hair regenerates hair growth and make hair healthy and strong. Method of Uses : Apply 2-5 gm on hairs after…

Hand Wash

  Hand Wash Brand: Patanjali Ayurved Weight: 250 gm Availability: In Stock ₹55.00 Hand Wash : Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine Uses: Protection from germs 100% cleanliness कीटाणुओ से प्राकृतिक सुरक्षा 100- स्‍वच्‍छता के लिए Method of Uses : Rub on wet hands while washing and rinse of. Composition : Each 10 ml contains Extracts of नीम 2 mg तुलसी…

Gulab Jal

  Gulab Jal Brand: Divya Pharmacy Weight: 120 gm Availability: In Stock ₹30.00 रोग निर्देश :-  आँखों  और  त्वचा  के रोगों  में  लाभकारी | प्रयोग विधि :-आँखों  में 2-2  बूंद  २-३ बार डाले , 5-10 मिली . रुई  पर लेकर  त्वचा  पर लगाये | मुख्य घटक :- प्रत्येक १० मिली. में गुलाब जल १० मिली.

Shishu Care

Shishu Care Massage Oil Brand: Patanjali Ayurved Product Code: PA-887 Weight: 100 ml Availability: In Stock ₹85.00 A special light oil formulation with Olive oil as a base; enriched with Vitamin E, Almond oil, Sunflower oil, Mustared oil, Jojaba oil & Gau ghrita for natural nourishment and gentle care of baby’s delicate skin. Composition: Each 100 ml…


patanjali Red mirchi powder   Patanjali Sabji Masala      38 Rs.   Patanjali turmeric powder       500 g.       105 Rs.  

Soan Papdi

Patanjali Soan papdi  elachi    55 Rs.   Patanjali Soan Papdi    Orange    55 Rs.


Patanjali Basmati Rice     1 kg.     75 Rs.